Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

Restaurants Nearby

Downtown Cannon Beach

Attractions Nearby

  • The Beach – Enjoy the sand between your toes!
    Walking Distance: 0.1 miles west

  • Haytack Rock – Seastack that is the icon of Cannon Beach.
    Learn more at Haystack Rock Awareness Program.
    Walking Distance: 0.5 miles south-west

  • Cannon Beach Fitness – Workout Center Downtown Cannon Beach
    Learn more at Cannon Beach Fitness.
    Walking Distance: 0.5 miles north

  • Ecola Creek – River that runs into the ocean
    Walking Distance: 0.6 miles north

  • Silver Point – Two large seastacks at the south end of Cannon Beach
    Walking Distance: 2.6 miles south

  • Ecola State Park – The best viewpoint on the Oregon Coast
    Walking Distance: 3.0 miles north
Ecola State Park