Guest Guide

Welcome to the Lighthouse Inn! We’re delighted you chose us for your visit to Cannon Beach, and hope you’re enjoying your stay so far. We’ve assembled the following information for your use and convenience during your stay. You’ll find details about our services, our community and some of our favorite area attractions.  Please reach out to our front desk team with questions at any time – simply dial ‘0’ from your room phone! Thank you for being our guests – enjoy your stay! 

Now, what can we do for you? We’ve worked hard to anticipate your wishes and your needs, but if there’s something you left behind or something you require, we hope you will not hesitate to give the front desk a call. We will do our level-best to ensure that your stay here is everything you hoped it would be, and then some.

This guide is full of information that we hope will broaden your Cannon Beach experience and introduce you to some options and activities you may not already be aware of, and of course, our front desk team is full of suggestions and ideas, so we encourage you to ask questions and explore our town. Until next time, we remain…

Most sincerely yours,
Patrick Nofield, our awesome manager Kim Piccard, and the entire Escape Lodging Family