During Your Stay

Packages & Special Treats 

Our Guest Services Department has an in-depth selection of special occasion packages, champagne, and wines to embellish your visit and set a celebratory mood. You can order these things ahead of time, or have a staff member bring it up to you right away! Stop by or call the Front Desk (dial “0”) for detailed information on our current packages. You are welcome to visit our sister properties website: Innatcannonbeach.com for a complete list. Please keep in mind that advance notice is needed for floral and edible items. 


Escape Lodging Company is making a life-long commitment to environmental responsibility. “Going Green” is not simply a current trend, we believe that as citizens of the planet, every one of us is mandated, on an individual level and on a corporate and community level, to do what we know is right by our planet. Escape Lodging properties are embracing green goals today and we will continue to evolve them for tomorrow. With creative thinking we find we can maintain the services our broad base of customers tell us are important to them, while continually increasing our EcoConscience. We are pledged, from our housekeeping crew, our management leaders and everyone in between – to incorporating environmentally friendly products and practices as a fundamental and permanent change in how we conduct our business. We are asking that our vendors join us by taking this effort down the supply chain. Our purchasing power is proving to be an excellent motivator for our suppliers. 

Pet Guests 

At the Inn, specified rooms are designated as pet friendly. We ask that pets not be left unattended in your room at any time. Hotel rooms are not the same as the home they are accustomed to, and when left in a strange place without you they can become very upset.

If you are staying here with your dog, cat, bird, or any other pet (no snakes please!), you should have received a pet basket. Since most of our animal visitors are dogs, the baskets aim to meet their needs. They come with a sleeping sheet, doggie towel, and a package of treats and dog “pick up” bags.  If you need or want more of what’s in the basket, please call the Front Desk.