Room Features

We have a total of 8 rooms here at the Lighthouse Inn. You can find a property map for all our rooms in the “During Your Stay” section.

The information below will help you become better acquainted with your room. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call the Front Desk (dial “0” on your phone).

Alarm Clocks

To set your alarm, press down the “alarm” button on the top of your clock. While holding, press the “hour” and “minute” buttons to select the desired time.

Baby Cribs (Pack N’ Play)

For our smallest guests, we have portable Pack N’ Plays available by request and free of charge.

Blow Dryers

Located in the bathrooms, feel free to dry your hair or anything else that is wet.

Breakfast Service

To start your day off right, each morning we prepare a generous assortment of choices – among them is an array of breakfast cereals, fresh baked bagels, tempting muffins, waffles, and assorted breads; along with cheese and hard boiled eggs for protein, yogurts, fruits, juices, and milk or soy milk. Our breakfast offerings are available for pickup each morning from the North Building breakfast room at The Inn at Cannon Beach, from 7:00 am – 10:00 am daily

Check In/Out

Check in time is 4:00 pm. Check out time is 12:00 pm, noon. To check out of your room at the Lighthouse Inn, travel 1.3 miles south on Hemlock street to our sister property: Inn at Cannon Beach, 3215 South Hemlock St. (833) 353-2081 or 503-436-9085 Please check out at the front office to sign receipt and verify payment information. 

Coffee Makers & Coffee*

All rooms come with coffee makers and one packet each of regular and decaffeinated. IMPORTANT: Our coffee filter packs are each intended to make 4 cups of delicious coffee. The coffee maker makes 8-10 cups of coffee so if you want to make a larger pot, please contact the Front Desk for more coffee packets.

To operate, first fill the glass pot to the desired water level. Then, pour water into the top of the unit. The coffee comes in a filter pack so there is no need for a filter. Next, remove filter cup and place 1 filter pack directly into plastic cup. Finally, turn on the coffee maker. When all is finished, you should have 4 cups of steaming hot coffee. *Please note that some rooms may have coffee makers that run without pots. Please contact the Front Desk for operating instructions. We also have a coffee cart in the lobby of the Inn at Cannon Beach for your convenience. Enjoy!

DVD Players

Your room is equipped with a DVD player. We have a sizable library of DVDs (updated weekly) to check out, for free, at the Inn at Cannon Beach Front Desk. Movie inventory is available for viewing at the Front Desk or by checking our online list at DVD player operating instructions are located near the TV. Don’t feel bad if you find the system a little confusing; just dial “0” for assistance.

Fireplaces (in select rooms)

The gas fireplaces do an excellent job of heating the rooms. There is a switch (looks like a light switch) on the wall of the fireplace that ignites/extinguishes the fire.


If the fireplace doesn’t provide enough heat for you, there is an additional heater controlled by the wall thermostat. Just set to desired temperature and relax. Be careful not to put anything directly in front of the heaters, as they can overheat and short out.

Internet Access

The Lighthouse Inn has installed wireless connectivity for your convenience. During the check in process you were provided with a password. Simply turn on your device and open your internet browser like you would at home. Enter the password, agree to Terms and Conditions, and away you go. This is a complimentary service. There is also a computer station located in the lobby of the Inn at Cannon Beach for guest use.

Iron and Ironing Board

Located in your closet. Please remember to unplug the iron as soon as you are finished.

Jetted Tubs (in select rooms)

There are jetted tubs in select rooms. Press the water stopper down until it catches in the drain. Fill the tub to preferred water level (must be at least 2” above the jets), but do not overfill to avoid spilling. Press the button to turn jets on/off. When you are done, press and release the stopper.


For popcorn and other heating needs, set the chosen cook time, and press the “Start” button. Please, never put metal inside a microwave.


A fan is located in the closet for your convenience.

Pillows & Blankets

Additional pillows and blankets have been provided in your room. If more are needed, just dial “0” for the Front Desk.

Pet Baskets

If you are staying here with your dog, cat, bird, or any other pet, you should receive a pet basket in your room. Since most of our animal visitors are dogs, the baskets aim to meet their needs. They come with a sleeping sheet, doggie towel, and a package of treats and dog “duty” bags. There is also a dog bag dispenser located next to the kiosk at the front of the property. Please ask for more doggie towels at the Front Desk rather than using room towels.


There is a temperature dial for the refrigerator on the inside, top shelf of the unit. The dial turns from “Minimum” temperature – warmest, to “Maximum” temperature – the coldest setting.


Please see card attached to phone for your dialing instructions. Local, room-to room and emergency calls are free. No long distance service. A blinking red light on your phone means you have a voicemail waiting. Dial “8” to check messages, follow instructions.


Press the “Power On” button on the TV itself or on the remote and you’re good to go. There is a TV Channel listing in the “During Your Stay” section of this guide.

*The dishes and utensils have been washed for your convenience. If you would like to further sanitize these items, please contact the Front Desk, dial “0”.